Visually compelling, emotionally moving, and musically masterful: Bataré provides an enthralling performance that is not only seen and heard… but that is felt.  A story that is captivating to all, married with an intense modernization of taiko drumming, and an orchestrally motivated approach to progressive rock leaves audiences with an emotional charge that is hard to shake.  Described as a unique blend of elegant choreography and powerful music, Bataré imparts an unparalleled experience.



The writers of this show really went the extra mile. It’s something that’s never been done… and it’s wild!

Jay I. former Blue Man

Watching it unfold from madness to a masterpiece is truly exciting!

Pashur, Internationally Acclaimed Artist

The two creators, who are virtuosos is their respective art forms, have created an extraordinarily engaging tale.

Earle M. Producer/Engineer: Beach Boys, The Runaways, Concrete Blonde